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Titanic Film set piece

Titanic Film set piece

Restoration and Replication project. You would be surprised at how messed up the actual set pieces were. Film hides the defects well.

Exploration and creation is where I thrive. I've become addicted to being on the the cutting edge of what I do.  Not everyone is built to function within the seaming chaos of the cutting edge. My ideal client truly believes in what they are asking me to do.  I welcome your challenging projects. 


Construction/Precast Industry

  • Product Design

  • Material Design

  • Prototype Fabrication & Testing

  • Testing and Certification Support

  • New Technology Integration


Web Industry

  • Full Spectrum Web Presence & Media

  • SEO Products

  • Reputation Management


Entertainment Industry

  • Technical Director (IMDB)

  • Sound Editor (IMDB)

  • Over 150 titles as a World Wide Tech Coordinator for Disney.

  • Syndicated Talk Show Radio Producer.

National Laboratory/LLNL

Film scanner development which allowed Dial-A-Yield technology to be

fine-tuned without polluting the planet with physical nuclear testing.


upgrading an existing film scanner to Dial-a-Yiel
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