You can book handyman services below or by calling (702) 800-0798 9-5PM PST M-F

Request up to 2 similar projects: - Repair a standard wall with up to 3 holes, up to 20" across hole. - Replace weatherstripping on a door. - Assemble 1 medium sized i...
2 Hours A-La-Cart Handman Service
2 hr

"A Handyman Service too!? WTF!"

Why do I offer a handyman service?  It keeps me and my crew busy between projects.  We can go for a few weeks between larger projects which make most of my crew rusty, grumpy and broke.


Taking on smaller projects like mounting a TV to a wall, painting a room or installing a custom multi-spectrum surveillance system is a great way to us busy.  And we love it!


For years we've helped contractors accomplish their jobs when they couldn't figure it out themselves. 

Doing Handyman projects is a piece of cake for us.

We've completed 100's of small projects. 

Below are a few pictures we remembered to take.