The natural stones that we use to create our River Rock Molds from are hand picked by us for their unique natural characteristics.   By  using only natural stones to make our River Rock molds, we ensure that our molds will reproduce 100% natural River Rock textures.  River Rocks made in our concrete stone veneer molds can be seen all over the world.   You can make up to 50 square feet of river rock stone veneer before you will see a repeating stone!

River Rock Molds

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  • These molds are built to last.  If you keep the molds out of direct sunlight you will find that these molds will last 3+ years of daily use.  If the pigments are caking up in the molds after a few uses, it means you are pulling your stones too soon.  Be patient young padwan, wait for the concrete to set.  If the molds rip or tear within 3 years of purchase we will repair or replace them.  Just send the mold back to us in a box with return shipping and we'll take care of the rest.  If we cannot repair the mold we will replace them for you at not extra charge aside from shipping costs.